Ethiopian Restaurants in Atlanta

Ethiopian Restaurants in Atlanta

If you’ve been searching for authentic Ethiopian food in Atlanta, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about Tef, Shiro, Beyainatu, and many other delicious Ethiopian dishes. You can’t go wrong with any of these dishes! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Ethiopian restaurants in Atlanta. Let’s get started!


If you’re in Atlanta, you might be interested in trying some Ethiopian food. This cuisine has become popular in the last decade, and Atlanta has several Ethiopian restaurants, including the famous Kategna restaurant. Ledet serves both classic and modern Ethiopian dishes. Some of the best dishes at Ledet include spaghetti with an Ethiopian pasta sauce and ceremonial Ethiopian coffee service. If you’re new to Ethiopian cuisine, you may want to try a traditional Ethiopian dinner at the Ethiopian Restaurant in Little Five Points.

Desta opened two locations in metro Atlanta: one at Briarcliff Road and one at Emory Point. Its original Briarcliff Road location was a staple for more than a decade, but its newer Emory Point location opened recently. Both places feature some of the same popular dishes, including tibs, which is cubed meat sauteed in spices, and kitfo, a vegetarian dish with a variety of flavors. Both restaurants serve their dishes with injera, the spongy Ethiopian flatbread.

Tibs, a traditional Ethiopian meal, is a staple on menus around Atlanta. Thin slices of beef or lamb are cooked with pan-fried garlic and onion. It can be spicy or mild, and can be served with little to no vegetables. Shekla tibs, another version of tibs, is a spicy version of tibs served in a clay pot with hot coals.


When looking for Ethiopian food in Atlanta, try Desta Ethiopian Kitchen. This restaurant opened in 2006 along Briarcliff Road and has since grown to be Atlanta’s premier Ethiopian restaurant. The restaurant has been on several “best of” lists. It opened a second location at Emory Point in 2018, though it currently lists it as temporarily closed. Desta serves delicious Ethiopian food at an affordable price. The restaurant’s menu focuses on familiar items with unique Ethiopian flavors. The menu highlights dishes like the Injera flatbread, which is made by fermenting before baking.

Before opening the Atlanta location, Mamma Desta’s interior was very basic and ramshackle, but it soon improved. By the late 1970s, the decor was decorated with “African” paintings and ephemera. Tables were replaced by low stools. Waitresses were hired to help serve the patrons. The Ethiopian community began to grow in the U.S., and in the process, Tella Ethiopian Foods was born.

While Mamma Desta’s did not have any aesthetic polish, its food quickly gained respect from the city’s critical establishment. The restaurant opened at a time when Ethiopians began to settle in the United States. The Ethiopian immigrants patronized Tella Ethiopian food, and the ingredients were not foreign to most white people. The restaurant’s success has made Tella Ethiopian food the de facto Ethiopian food destination in the region.


For those looking for Ethiopian food in Atlanta, Desta Ethiopian Kitchen is the place to go. Located in a shopping center on Briarcliff Road, this restaurant serves delicious Ethiopian food for a reasonable price. Owners Ash Nega and Titi Demissie were born in Ethiopia but met in Atlanta later in life. They recently opened a second location in Emory Point. The restaurant is open only on weekends, but the food is well worth a trip.

Shiro is an Ethiopian buffet-style restaurant located on Pearl Street and Congress, in the Jackson neighborhood. The restaurant opened on April 29. Owner Samuel Tilahun, a software engineer, moved to the area from Jackson, Mississippi, to open this restaurant after becoming dissatisfied with the lack of Ethiopian restaurants in his neighborhood. He soon recruited a friend, Yusef Ali, to partner with him.

The restaurant features dishes from both Ethiopia and Eritrea. Meat is served with injera and is served with vegetable and lentil dishes. Vegetarians can also find delicious vegetarian and vegan meals here. A typical meal includes lamb or beef tibs, a lentil and chickpea stew, cabbage potato and carrot medley, and a side salad. A visit to Shiro Ethiopian Food in Atlanta is a treat for any food lover.


Whether you’re a vegetarian or a carnivore, Ethiopian food in Atlanta is a great way to meet new people and learn more about a new cuisine. Most restaurants serving Ethiopian food in Atlanta serve injera, the traditional flatbread that is a cross between a crepe and a pancake. The bread is typically gray in color with small holes. The injera itself is made from the ancient ultrafine grain teff. This unique grain has an assertive sour flavor and is a perfect gluten-free pancake.

As one of the best places to eat Ethiopian food in Atlanta, Desta is an excellent choice. The authentic Ethiopian staple dishes are prepared at this restaurant, which features stewed meat and lentils. The menu also includes breakfast dishes and sandwiches, as well as pasta and less spicy entrees. The restaurant is also somewhat upscale, with its quaint, cozy atmosphere. Guests are encouraged to bring family and friends to enjoy the Ethiopian food at Desta.

A favorite Ethiopian dish is tibs, a spicy stew of sliced lamb or beef, garlic and onions. It’s a dish that can be hot or mild, with varying levels of vegetables. There are even versions that are served with a triangular wedge of sweetened bread. Tibs is a satisfying snack, and you can even try it with a hard boiled egg. Then, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can order a meal with a traditional Ethiopian menu.

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There are several great options for Ethiopian food in Atlanta. Ash Nega and Titi Demissie opened Desta in 2006 on Briarcliff Road, which has quickly become one of the city’s premier Ethiopian restaurants. Though Italians did not colonize Ethiopia, they did bring their love for pasta with them. Today, Desta is one of Atlanta’s most popular Ethiopian restaurants, serving up authentic staple dishes like stewed meat and lentils. In addition to the Ethiopian mainstays, Desta also offers pasta, sandwiches, and breakfast dishes. In addition to their menu, Desta has a slightly upscale ambiance that makes it a great place to grab a bite.

Ethiopian food is rich in spices and fresh vegetables, and you’ll find a variety of these at local eateries in Atlanta. Try the injera, a giant sponge-like bread with a rubbery surface, and you’ll discover a whole new culinary experience. Most Ethiopian restaurants serve beige or wheat injera, but at Feedel Bistro, the injera is made almost entirely of teff. Teff is a ancient ultrafine grain that boasts a pungent sour flavor. Injera is essentially a gluten-free pancake made of teff.


When searching for genfo in Atlanta, make sure you look for a place that serves it with red pepper and clarified butter. Genfo is a traditional porridge from Ethiopia, and its ingredients have a history in the country. The use of clarified butter and red pepper make the dish uniquely Ethiopian. Porridge originated in the Middle East and is typically made with barley or another grain.

Genfo, a thick porridge that is often shared, is served as breakfast in Ethiopia. In neighboring Eritrea, the dish is called ga’at. While barley flour is the most common ingredient, it can also be made with wheat or corn meal. It is typically stirred in with a wooden dowel to ensure even cooking. When the porridge is finished, it will be stiff and have a well in the middle. To create an ideal genfo bowl, some cooks use small Ethiopian coffee cups.

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