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An Introduction to Ethiopian Cuisine

Dining in Ethiopia is characterized by the ritual of breaking Injera and eating from the same plate, signifying the bonds of loyalty and friendship.

Injera is a slightly sour pancake like bread, upon which various stew-like dishes are served. It is a staple in Ethiopian cuisine, and is made here with a blend of Ethiopian Teff and wheat grains. Teff flour is unique to Ethiopia, and is prepared in a multi-step process of fermentation and baking.

Tsebhi (Wat) is a stew that comes in a variety of forms, including beef, lamb, chicken or vegetables. It is prepared in a variety of flavors ranging from mild to spicy, the latter of which is always seasoned with berbere, a typical Ethiopian red pepper.

Ethiopian cuisine is traditionally eaten using one’s hands, which is in itself a delicate art. In this manner, a bite-sized piece of Injera is broken off to pick up a mouthful of the chosen dish. A meal is best paired with a glass of smooth, sweet Tejj, a wine made from fermented honey.

Catering available Monday through Saturday


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1. Tsebhi Derho (Doro Wat): A favorite Ethiopian traditional dish; chicken  drumsticks gently simmered with spicy  sauce  a hard-boiled egg 

2. Tibsie Derho (Doro Tibs): Sauteed Chicken pieces with fresh, tomatoes, onions served hot or mild. 

3. Kitfo: Ethiopian steak tartare, lean chopped beef seasoned with purified butter, and homemade cottagecheese served hot  (raw, rare or cooked).  

4. Tibsie Sega: Beef cubes sautéed in butter, tomatoes, onion  and spices  served( hot or mild) 

5. Gored Gored:  Chunks of  beef seasoned with butter, spices , served medium rare  (hot)

6. Zigini (kay Wat): Chunks of beef simmered in spicy sauce and seasoning (hot) 

7. Collard greens with chicken: Chicken cubes and collard greens  sautéed in butter, tomatoes, onions and spicy sauce (hot) 

8. Meat and Vegetarian Comb:  Choose two meat from ( #1, #2, #6, #9) and one vegetarian from (#13 to # 19) per person.

9. Lamb Tsebhi Begee (Beg Wat): Tender lamb with bones cooked with hot pepper and seasoning.

10. Chicken & Mushroom: Mushroom & chicken pieces seasoned with Tomatoes, onions and spice sauce served ( hot or mild) 

11.Tibsie Shrimp:  Shrimp sautéed with bell pepper, tomatoes & onions served( hot or mild). 

12. Tibsie Assa  Fish sautéed with spicy sauce, tomatoes, onions and seasoning (hot or mild) 

25. Shrimp & Hamli:  Shrimp sautéed mixed with Hamli (Collard greens) tomatoes, onions bell pepper and seasoning (spicy) 

26. Chicken Boneless: Boneless, skinless minced breast chicken seasoned with butter, hot spice and homemade cottage cheese (spicy).

28. Tibsie Begee (Beg Tibs):  Cubes of lamb sautéed in butter, tomatoes, onion seasoned with spicy sauce (hot or mild).

37. Chicken  & Spinach: Minced boneless, skinless breast chicken mixed with spinach, butter, hot spice andhomemade cottage  cheese (spicy)

38. Kitfo & Hamli: Ethiopian steak tartar, mixed with collard greens, seasoned with hot spice, butter and homemade cottage cheese served medium rare (hot) 


Meat and vegetarian dishes are served family style placed together on the same plate.

 If you would prefer your dish to be separate please let us know.



13. Ater (Kik Wat): Split peas flavored with spicy sauce

14. Bersin (Misir Wat): Split red lentil flavored with spicy sauce

15. Alecha Ater (Kik Alecha): Pureed yellow split peas not spicy

16.Yatakelt Kilikil( Alecha): Potatoes, carrot and cabbage not spicy 

17. Hamili (Gomen): Chopped collard greens sautéed with onions & seasoning

19. Whole lentil: Whole lentil in spicy sauce seasoned

18. Vegetarian Combo: Sampler Three items from above (13 to 19) per person


House Sampler vegetarian 

Platter for Four #13 to #19 & 21, 23, 36

Platter for Five #13 to #19 & 21, 23, 24, 36

Platter for Six #13 to #19 & 21,23, 24,33, 36



21. Spinach: Chopped Spinach, sautéed and seasoned not spicy

23. Kantishara: Sliced mushrooms, sautéed with tomatoes, onion and seasoned (hot or mild) 

24. Eggplant Tibsie:  Sautéed with onion, tomatoes, bell pepper, and spicy sauce (hot or mild) 

33. Zucchini Tibsie: Sliced Zucchini sautéed with tomatoes, onions & seasoning (hot or mild) 

35. Tofu sautéed in spicy sauce onions, tomatoes (hot or mild)

36. Shuro: Chickpeas simmered with onions, tomatoes, seasoned with light pepper



27. Tomato Salad: Diced tomatoes, jalapeno pepper, and seasoning

29. Mixed green Salad, tomatoes, cucumber with Italian dressing

30. Avocado mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber with Italian dressing

31. Azifa: Whole lentils garlic, jalapeno and seasoning  


Side Order: Vegetarian dishes from (#13 to #22)

Extra Injera, Plain yogurt, or Rice

Homemade cottage cheese


Beer and wine available