Ethiopian cuisine.
Dining in Ethiopia is characterized by
the ritual of breaking Injera and eating
from the same plate, signifying the
bonds of loyalty and friendship.
Injera, the traditional Ethiopian bread is
made of finely ground Teff flour (baked
from fermented, truly natural contains
no fat or preservatives). Injera is
slightly sour pancake like bread upon
which the various stew-like dishes is
Tsebhi (Wat), which is a stew-like dish,
comes in a variety of forms-beef, lamb,
chicken or vegetables seasoned with a
peppery sauce known as berbere
(berbere-a typical Ethiopian red
The traditional way of eating is with the
fingers, which is in itself a delicate art.
In this manner, a bite-sized piece of
Injera is broken off to pick up a
mouthful of the chosen dish. Usually
accompanying the meal is Tejj (honey
wine), a wine made from fermented
Cafe Ethiopia